House Finch

House Finch

The House Finch is native to the American west. A pretty bird (it looks like a sparrow dipped up to its neck in red wine), House Finches were live-trapped in California after World War I and sold in eastern pet stores as "Hollywood Finches."

House Finch

Size: 5"

Female: A plain brown bird with a heavily streaked white chest.

Male: orange, red face, chest and rump, a brown cap, brown marking behind eyes, brown wings streaked with white, steaked belly.

Juvenile: similar to female

Nest: cup, sometimes in cavities, female builds, 2 brooks per year.

Eggs: 4-5, pale blue, lightely incubates

Incubation: 12-14 days, female incubates

Fledging: 15-19 days, female and male feed young

Migration: non-migratory to partial migration, will move around to find food

Food: seeds, fruit, leaf buds, will visit seed feeders

Compare: Female Cassin's Finch has a more heavily streaked belly. Similar to Pine Siskin, but lacks yellow wing bars and has a larger bill. Very similar female. Purple finch had bold white eyebrows.

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Josephine County, Southern Oregon



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