A sign of Spring -The Red Breasted Robin/Turdus Migratorius

This Robin was collecting the dead stocks from the Siskiyou Golden Iris outside to make a nest. At a friends house I also was lucky enough to catch a Robin in her nest sitting on the eggs.

Red Breasted Robin


These little beauties, male Red Breasted Robins were in a field in Kerby, Oregon. One of my favorite places to catch the wild birds, the Turkey Vultures, Crows, and others as they are looking for food in these fields and singing their hearts out.

I had wondered why they were here so early as it isn't spring yet and found that many of them just stay all the time here, so that answered that question!

Their technical name is Turdus migratonius, which is a mouthful at least! wikipedia says they are a migratory songbird of the Thrush family. (which I didn't know either)

Here is a link to wikipedia on the whole scoop on Red Breasted Robins ....click


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Photographs by Kay Ekwall and JP Ekwall

Josephine County, Southern Oregon



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