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Red-breasted Nuthatch/Sitta canadensis

These are very quick shots, not very clear I am afraid as these tiny birds (4") move so fast. At the slightest noise, they are off and gone so I had to be very attentive, sometimes just standing there with camera cocked and ready to push the button.

The male is a small gray-backed bird with a black cap and a prominent eye line. It has a rust red breast and belly. The female has a gray cap, and paly undersides. The juvenile is the same as the female.

Like all nuthatches, the Red-breasted Nuthatch is an acrobatic species, hitching itself up and down tree trunks and branches. Unlike woodpeckers and creepers, it does not use its tail as a prop while climbing. It tends to be found singly or in pairs, and forages either up or down on tree trunks and branches

The female has one brook per year with 4-5 eggs, which are white with red brown markings. There is more information here on Wikipedia on the red-breasted nuthatch.



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